Cheap Rooms in Bangkok for Backpacker Budget Travelers

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When you have backpacked through Europe, then you might be searching for Khan San hostels. This is a sort of lodging Bangkok is included by that and not common in Southeast Asian. What you will look for is a guesthouse or a Khan San hotel, as opposed to a hostel. The term hostel is so ingrained in the backpacker vernacular, however that many will speak about one of those great hostels here where they slept.

hostel in bangkok city centre

When you have not heard of Khan San Road orthicon Khan San in Thai, it had been cemented as the destination of choice for young backpackers in Bangkok from the book and film of the same title, The Beach film starred Leonardo Di Capri. Many use it as a base in their journeys to other areas of Thailand whether it time on the shore or are for a jungle trek. It is an excellent location for a street, to meet friends from all over the world, and for a traveler civilization and surrounding area that has some terrific restaurants.

You can find a Khan San guesthouse. There might be a dormitory style hostels but that is not crucial. Usually you will have to share bathroom and a shower with the rest of the hallway but quarters with a lock on your door and a single bed would be the norm. So, if you are a backpacker looking for hostel in bangkok city centre, odds are you will head for one of those dirt Khan San hotels. If you keep out of trouble beware much trouble would be to be had in the area and when you get home you can tell others how you remained at an incredibly thrifty Khan San guesthouse.

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