Having an amazing African Safari Vacation

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One of the best travel packages for safaris in Africa is the Penwell Safaris in Kenya, where you can guarantee a wonderful vacation in true African style. Here you can enjoy the joy of the eyes with the famous Big Five; the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino are free day and night.

There are excellent wildlife offers, while guests can relax comfortably every night in designated areas, such as Keekorok Lodge in Masai Mara. The facilities at these holiday cottages are superb, with extensive amenities available such as the Hippo Pool Bar, spa treatments, pools, beaches, and air-conditioned rooms and suites with the best personal service.


In addition to lounging at any time of the day or night, the plains of Masai Mara invite all visitors to enjoy true wildlife in a safe environment with experienced and qualified guides.

One could see the Great Annual Wildlife Migration in the Masai Mara area at the right time. However, there would be no disappointment when it comes to watching some of the great games on earth; Big 5 roam the plains with many other species. With luck, you can see the elusive big cats of Kenya.

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Flying to the great land of Africa from anywhere in the world is always a problem, because Africa is a huge continent located in its own geographical position. A long flight, as a rule, bores any visitor who flies even from the north of the continent to any of the specific routes.

Upon arrival in Africa there is always a shuttle service. Visitors have the opportunity to cool before leaving for the main place of the tour, for example, in Amboseli National Park. The most popular safaris in Africa are a couple of hundred kilometers from the nearest airport to watch any game.

A typical African safari route is full of game units for morning, day, night and night, depending on the preferences of visitors. Visitors are sent to different places for different types of wildlife that can be seen on an African safari. This makes the visualization exciting and refreshing every time you can see different species of flora and fauna. An African safari is never boring; Every moment is an adventure.


The views offered on a typical luxury Safari vacation are always different; There are diverse natural landscapes that adapt to different types of wildlife. Birds of hundreds of species will delight an avid bird lover or bird watcher, as most African safaris form a refuge for these feathered creatures. Lakes, rivers, plains, mountains and beaches offer many options in a typical Africa safari offer.

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