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To protect the consumer from the booking of his trip until his return and to guarantee his recourse in the event of setbacks, the tourism code regulates the profession of a travel agent, regulates the sale of trips and fixes a fundamental rule according to which the agent is responsible for all the intermediaries involved in this trip. The term travel agent รถเช่า hertz designates both the organizer of trips or stays (the “tour operator”) as well as the one who markets them. All professionals have one thing in common: their profession is governed by the tourism code in articles.


 Various actors

The term travel agent designates both the organizer of trips or stays (the “tour operator”) as well as the one who markets them.

Diversified activities

In addition to the organization and sale of individual or group trips, agencies often have other activities, such as the sale of simple transport tickets, ราคารถ เช่า เชียงราย  or hotel room reservations, or even the organization of museum visits. Or a  historical monument.

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A single point of contact

A trip or a tourist stay involves multiple providers: organizers, carriers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, guides, animators, etc. Each of them can be the source of a problem, but the participants would have the greatest difficulty in asking them to repair it.

Very limited liability in the event of the sale of transport tickets

Consequently, they remain unrelated to all disputes which may arise during transport (delay, overbooking, accident, loss of luggage, etc.) and which must be settled with the carrier. Same thing in case  of bankruptcy of the latter. But the agency remains responsible for its own faults in the issuance of tickets: errors in the reservation, provision of erroneous information. If the traveler suffers damage, it will have to repair it.

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