The Price Determinants for Jeans

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Basic material: you understand that in the basic material of basic clothing called “jeans”, there are subcategories (which leads to the fact that we have different types of jeans, such as jeans, plain jeans, etc.). Then you realize that some basic jeans materials / subcategories are more expensive than others. There are also some basic jeans materials / subcategories that tend to last longer than others.

Country of origin: not all denim products sold are produced in the country. In fact, as things are now, very few jeans sold are made here. The few that are produced here will cost much more than imports. Imports, especially those that are mass-produced in countries, will tend to be so cheap that people often wonder if prices are real. But, of course, these are generalizations, since we still have imports of jeans, which are expensive, and locally made jeans, which are very affordable.

Fashion Jeans

Brand: here we get the price difference between designer jeans and “regular jeans”. This difference in price, as a rule, is a function of nothing more than intensive efforts aimed at creating a brand, which ends with the fact that these jeans are finally considered to be “designer jeans”. And, again, in an attempt to remain exclusive, we see that some แบรนด์ กางเกง ยีน ส์ have an intentionally high price, just like some other manufacturers prefer to make their jeans products as cheap as possible in order to move them in the largest volume.

Place of purchase: there are several stores that are known for their high prices, as well as some stores that are known for their low prices. In two stores you can find exactly the same assortment of jeans products that cost very different prices (and in fact we saw several stores that sell double price goods, which they sell in other stores). There are stores that want to be “exclusive” and which can achieve this goal only at the expense of higher prices in order to “keep the masses out.”

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