More Facts About Eat-and-Go Police In Korea

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One eat-and-see eat-and-run verification site is eating and Go Police. In eat and Go Police, if you eat a meal from restaurants that do not have the eat-and go system, eat at a “eat and see” restaurant with closed doors, if you eat inside of a cuisine shop without ordering the food menu, or eat after leaving the store it will be on the list as an eat and run.

For those who want to actively participate in healthy living by knowing what kinds of foods they are putting in their bodies and exercising, there does not seem to be an any better thing than eat-and-see. Eat and see is an eat-and-run verification site where you can eat delicious food while exercising your heart, brain, and stomach healthily.

The 먹튀검증업체 has operated its service for 83 days since it opened on March 25th, 2016. On the eat and See homepage, users who have no official membership or have paid membership are shown with special badges on their name called ‘eaters.’ There are also tasks that eaters need to complete to get points. If they do not fulfill their task by the deadline, eaters lose all of their points.

Currently, there are 677 Eaters on eating and Go Police. In addition, there is a ranking table on eating and Go Police based on the number of points that eaters have earned from the tasks they completed as eat-and-see Eaters. Every day at 9 p.m., eaters receive an email containing a list of eating and run eaters of the day.


As for where to eat food in Korea, you can use eat and See live or go through this blog after eating your favorite foods at your favorite restaurants.

This bot reads out short stories that eat, and Go Police members write about how they eat and leave the restaurant after having their meals. The eat-and-go system is where you eat food and leave without waiting for your check to come after finishing your meal.

At eat and Go Police, eaters eat at restaurants that do not have an eat-and-go system or eat in areas where this system does not exist. They also monitor the people who buy food from them but do not eat it. It has been found that there are many scams, such as customers eating their meal before paying customers, customers taking the leftovers home with them, etc.

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