How do you care for the silk robe?

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With these best-kept secrets on how to care for silk robes, your silk robes and kimono-style robes will retain their beautiful shine, bright color, and investment piece quality. After each usage, put your silk robe on a clothesline to air dry in a shaded location. Check for sharp edges on the hanger or the hanging surface, especially while traveling, to prevent rubbing theĀ long silk robeĀ against it, which might cause it to tear or rip.

Your silk robe should get dry-cleaned.

Dry-clean your silk robe with a silk-safe dry-cleaning solution that is mild and biodegradable. If discoloration is a possibility, evaluate the strength of your dry-cleaning agent by dotting a tiny area of the reverse side or inside of the robe that will not seen when the robe is worn.

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Your silk robe should get cleaned.

If you must wash your long silk robe, do it in cold water with a small amount of mild, biodegradable fabric soap. Rinse your silk robe many times to eliminate the soap suds, and never wring or tumble-dry it to remove the extra water. Allow the surplus water to drop naturally instead. To avoid losing the color of your silk robe, put it on a hanger with a smooth surface and is not prone to stains, and let it dry in the shade.

Iron your silk robe

While it isn’t strictly essential, iron your silk robe on the inside and on low heat to keep the color from fading. You may test your iron’s heat on an obscure part of your garment so that any damage that happens will not be evident from outside or while the garment is worn.

Store it in an acid-free environment

When not in use for an extended period, store your silk robe in an acid-free environment by inserting sheets of acid-free paper inbetween the folds and outside the finish-folded silk robe. If you don’t have access to acid-free paper, you can wrap your silk robe with silica, which helps absorb moisture from the environment. Blot the stain with tissue paper and dilute lemon or vinegar in water for new liquid stains.

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