Common Misconceptions About Reverse Phone Number Lookup

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If one doesn’t know a phone number and needs to find it, one can reverse the situation and start with the name. Phone companies keep all their customer records in databases. If one knows a name, there is an excellent chance that the database has the phone number associated with that name; reverse phone number lookup can be used on this page. It’s remarkably easy to look up information about people on the internet.

How to use an online reverse phone number lookup

 Reverse phone lookups work like this: One enters a few digits of a possible phone number, and the site returns a list of possible matches. If the number matches, one-click on it, and the site show one a list of records, which can include names, address, and phone numbers.

Most phone lookups return only partial information. The sites that do return information, though, can often provide more details than one finds with a simple Google search.

Websites that claim to do reverse phone lookups sometimes use hidden terms and tricky business. They sometimes charge for the information. And they often don’t show one what information they have found.

reverse phone number lookup

When one looks up a phone number, the sites come in two formats:

  • White pages: These sites have information about most telephone numbers in the United States. They usually provide street addresses, but some do provide phone numbers, too.
  • Yellow pages: These sites sometimes provide both phone numbers and addresses. Often, though, the phone numbers are incomplete or out of date, and the addresses are partial. Worse, some so-called yellow page sites are fraudulent.

Some sites do not provide either white or yellow pages. These sites are not useful for finding phone numbers.

Identify the stranger who keeps calling.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t reach the person who keeps calling your cell phone, the “reverse phone number lookup” feature on your cell phone may be able to help. By now, many people have realized that most cell phones have a built-in feature that allows you to search for the number that calls your cell phone. This involves at least two steps. First, you call your carrier’s customer service number; tell them the number you want to search for and the phone number of the person who called your cell phone (if you can remember it). Then, the carrier’s customer service agent searches a database for the number that called your cell phone. Some carriers allow you to search for more than one number at a time. It is sometimes possible to find more than one number that calls your cell phone at the same time, which may help if you have a stalker.

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