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As many people reach their retirement age, the retirees are now looking out for something that will keep them busy. The people volunteer work for retirees in Singapore for different reasons, while we have kids, we volunteer and work with our kids in church work, scouting, school functions as well as sports. With a lot of free time accessible when we retire, and we volunteer at the hospitals, churches, and more.

Show Appreciation

First thing that I ran in is organizations who want to compensate the volunteers in certain way for work that they do. So, in my view it isn’t what volunteer expects, and they will not volunteer, however, take the part time job. Whenever somebody volunteers they don’t expect anything back, and when given money, gifts and gift cards, might feel something is totally taken away from act of volunteering. The simple thank-you as show of appreciation to volunteer is all is needed. Somebody who volunteers generally gets huge satisfaction from doing the job well as well as seeing results of the work.

volunteer work for retirees in Singapore


Next item that often comes up is an issue of control. Suppose you hire any employee for the specified job, you control actions of the employee, it is not with volunteer. The volunteer can offer their services for something, which they like doing. They generally have defined ideals on what or how they work. From organization view point, choice is to accept help or turn this down. You may certainly work with volunteer or discuss details of the project, and care should be taken in not pushing and trying to change direction that volunteer likes to go.

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