What is GDAX?

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Gdax is the advanced platform for the Coinbase. This Coinbase is the platform where the cryptocurrencies are exchanged. But why does the form of the gdax came into existence? The reason is that the Coinbase for the exchange of the cryptocurrencies charges a fee that is variable sometimes lower and sometimes higher, and this depends on certain factors. This gdax had taken its origin for the active and the advanced traders of the cryptocurrency who have vast experience in this field of trading.

History of GDAX

This gdax has been launched in the year 2015 and it is launched by the traders who had a good experience in trading and also, they are pros in trading. The features of this global digital asset exchange platform are that they charge very less fee and also the transaction that takes place with the gdax is very fast. This gdax also allows for placing a market order and along with that it also allows to place a limit order or a stop-limit order thus it creates a comprehensive experience for the seasoned traders.


The coin base has a good recognition when it comes to the world of the cryptocurrency and so as the gdax. This can be called the advanced version of the Coinbase which has more benefits as well as the advantages. This gdax platform is the right and the proper exchange platform which one can rely on and the world even when the trading volumes are high.

The payment system will be depending on the country one belongs to and the fees vary for certain countries or certain payment gateways. Gdax in few countries doesn’t charge at all but for a few, it has a minimal fee. This is the added advantage of the gdax regarding the charge of the fee for its transactions.

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