What are the Do’s and Don’ts before the disaster?

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A disaster is a sudden event that comes with serious disrupts for the community. A loss of human, resources, and environment held in it. To fight with the situation many disaster management organizations work for the people and places. They provide all the essential needs of the disaster place. Not only this, even they work in recovering the community after a disaster. The disaster management field is very vast in itself. You can know more about their work by going on the internet and click here for searching more about disaster management. There should be some responsibility for each person in the community to protect themselves and their family by making a proper plan. Few things they need to do before a disaster are:


  1. Usually, when any disaster happens, the government releases a warning to the people. at that time you should get a disaster kit that will prepare you for any type of disaster.
  2. Keep all the important documents in a safe place and make their digital copies. Marks some signs in your house to make it easier to find it later.
  3. Keep a medical kit in your bag. An emergency kit of food for the next few days is also required. Some other essential things like electronic radio, batteries, mobile phones, etc. also keep with you.
  4. Mark a safe route to go with your family if you will be in any trouble.
  5. Make an emergency disaster plan at your work place, so that you will get help from your colleagues.

Things you should not do before the disaster are:

  1. The first thing you should not do before a disaster is not to get panic. Make a proper plan to go out or ensure your family about safety.
  2. Get ready for travelling in the situation when you find less safety at your home. Keep the entire essential thing only and don’t try to fill your bag with unessential things.
  3. Don’t take a risky route for travelling.
  4. Do not avoid the warning given by the government. Take it seriously if you really care for you and your family’s lives.

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