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            In a workplace the employers have to try to reach out to their employees, because that way they can make the workplace a better place. Employee engagement in Singapore is need due to many reasons, as it is the number one way to increase productivity and so on.

What is employee engagement?

            Before you learn how to improve this and why it is necessary you need to know what it is. So this the extent to which employees will feel passionate and committed to their jobs. It is based on how they put in a discretionary effort to their work. It is not the same as employee satisfaction as that deals with workers being happy and content, but puts no real emphasis on the job.

employee engagement Singapore

How well is it in Singapore?

If you are comparing or looking at the employee engagement Singapore you will be pleased to hear that they are still rising. Even though it is at 59% it will continue to rise. However they are one of the lowest in Asia when it comes to employee engagement. The highest being Indonesia at 76%. So Singapore will have to take certain measures in order to keep their numbers up.

How can they do this?

            It’s not good that Singapore has the lowest rates, so they should consider options like volunteering, and asking to give feedback, just being more open and not so harsh and act like they are at the top level. This way they can gradually increase the engagement levels.

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