Nothing Is Better Than Living In Andorra

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Andorra- The Beauty in Itself

There are a lot of places in this world where we wish to visit. But, when it comes to living in an area for a long time, we consider many things. We look if living over there is a pocket-friendly, proper and sufficient supply of food, the mentality and the rules of the people and the government, the market. We also look at the culture, the practices, and how beautiful the place looks. But finding a place that fulfills all these demands is very rare. Well, if you also think the same way, that means you have never heard about Andorra.

Andorra is the sixth smallest nation in Europe. It is on the border of France and Spain. If you have seen the beautiful scenery or read about its taxation, healthcare, and school systems, then you will quickly fall in love with this place. It will tell you why you should vivir en andorra.

Reasons why it is great to live in Andorra

Andorra is famous for a lot of factors. Everything has its beauty, from the environment and the community to the country’s benefits and downsides. Let us see what makes Andorra so unique and why people are willing to vivir en andorra.

  • Andorra is a tourist-based country, which makes the lifestyle over there very flexible and easy-going. There are some beautiful nature views for which the tourists are ready to pay thousands to see them.
  • It is a tax-free state for both the individuals and the corporations, making it highly economical to live and work.
  • When it comes to small children, their safety is always a huge concern. But, Andorra has the lowest crime rates in the world. It is also safe to say the people can travel alone during the day and night without the fear of any possible crime.
  • Most of the schools in Andorra provide free education. There is also one international school in Andorra which teaches most subjects using English. The approximate registration fee is also almost half as compared to the schools in other nations.

Enjoyable and Economical Lifestyle

There is a bit of everything for everyone over here. The life in Andorra is made particularly enjoyable with many walking trails that link the city, towns, and villages. Compared to major cities like United States, France, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, the cost of living in Andorra is nearly 30% cheaper. So, you can also expect lower costs in accommodation, food, utility ad transportation.

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