How you can sharpen kitchen knives with a sharpening stone?

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A well maintains knife with a sharp edge is essential for each kitchen. It makes easy your all cutting work while cooking. When we bought a knife from the market then generally we found that it stops works fluently after some time. You have a better way to get out of this problem by using sharpening stones. These stones are also known with the terms of water stones or whetstonesknife sharpening stone are used to sharpen the edge of all steel tools like knives, scissors, razors, and blades, etc. They are available in different varieties of stones. Sharpening your knives in the stones is an affordable option for your kitchen and it also maintains the durability of sharpening tools. Before sharpening your knife you must prepare the stone for use. This process is similar for each kind of sharpening stones. For safe and efficient sharpening first, place the stone on a towel so that it protects the stone from sliding. Start at the thick edge of the stone on uppermost. Once you find the correct angle of your knife on the stone you start sharpening.

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  • With forming a 20 degree angle from your knife slowly roll the knife in a lower direction over the stone. Start this process from top to low.
  • Repeat this process again and again for at least five times or according to the dullness of your knife.
  • Repeat this process after turning the knife into the opposite side. You will find your knife edge is sharp now.

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