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Instagram enjoy a mind-blowing 1 billion active users in a month and therefore, it has become the mecca of advertisements. Thanks to this platform, digital marketing has taken a serious turn. No wonder, Facebook bought the company to partake of the whopping revenue it generates every year. So, here are some very popular Instagram celebs who reside in the hearts of Insta-addicts.

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Miley Cyrus

One of the popular pop stars, her account is full of selfies, all-care-thrown-to-the-hell pictures and some stunning snaps. She uses the platform to make announcements and release teasers to her new content.

Selena Gomez

Known for mass-hit numbers such as Wolves, TakiTakietc, Selena Gomez is counted amongst biggest pop stars of this age. With a following of more than 156 million on Instagram, her account certainly makes it to the most popular Instagram accounts. One of the attractive features is her humility and her grounded behaviour. Just like her music, her pictures are equally captivating. She also shares BTS clips with her fans. If someone is trying to establish oneself as an influencer, her account should be on the top of the list.

Humans of NY

Brandon Stanton would have never thought in his wildest dreams that his random pictures of strangers in New York will launch him into this kind of following someday.This account shares heartwarming stories from across New York and brightens up one’s day. One of its kind when launched, it enjoys several chapters in different cities of the world. It is also one of those few accounts where people focus more on the captions that are powerful than the equally beautiful pictures. The followers get a sneak peek into the lives of strangers and their stories. This account makes people look beyond the skin-deep beauty and understand the underlying beauty of the world.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Considered amongst one of the powerful, strong entities of Instagram, Gary Vaynerchuck is an investor, runs two companies and posts at least three to four times on Instagram in a day along with managing other social media sites as well. Most of his Insta posts are in the form of videos and they include texts at the top and bottom which completely reels in an Instagrammer. He has every right to be proclaimed as the King of Instagram. His posts are the best marketing tricks in the market.

Dumped Wife’s Revenge

Infidelity takes a huge toll on one’s mental and health in general. However, Dianne Laurance chose to turn her failed marriage by deciding to live her life at the fullest and show the world her fabulous life. Her Instagram captions radiate positivity and for a bad person who is going a bad time, that could mean a ray of much-needed sunshine.

Jennifer Lopez

For a woman who is well into her fifties, she looks incredible. An actor and musician, she rules hearts and Instagram. Her cute captions and adorable pictures are worth following.

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