Apple Macbook Repair: Do I Need to Visit Apple Store for the Repairs?

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There is no denying that you count your Macbook as your own baby. No matter whether you use your Apple laptop for editing images, videos, gaming, or surfing internet, it is a wonderful source of fun and entertainment and an important work device.

But, what happens when your Apple laptop breaks? You have not just damaged your most precious laptop, but now you will need to spend good chunk of money to get this fixed. You might find the Apple store to be the best option for the repair or battery replacement, but that is not always right. Let us check out the options forĀ macbook pro battery replacement singapore repair center.

How Much to Pay?

The sum of money that you may have to pay for the repair or replacement depends upon several factors, which includes kind of damage, damaged part, and laptop model.

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Apple Screen Replacement

For any Apple laptop models, screens are the most costly things to repair or replace. Most of the Apple laptop screens cost huge and also the labor charges, so you will have to pay a hefty cost.

Screen replacement on the laptop at the repair center will cost $200 to $600, as per the make and labor. The Apple Store will not just cost more for the repair, but will take a bit longer. But, repair stores will turn over the screen repair in just a day time.

Water Damage

Suppose you spilled water or any liquid on the laptop then you will to go for some pieces replaced and repaired. It is the worst kind of damage one can have as it is not just very costly to fix at an Apple Store, but will to fix them!

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