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In a financial world plagued by core flaws through the very nature of the currency in use, the advent of the BTC (BITCOIN) has come as an extraordinary blessing. And the host of Crypto-currencies following BTC has only enforced this faith. The main reason people have used “Fiat Currency” more or less unchanged through the centuries is that is traditional, and it was all we knew till now. The simple reason trotted out by some distinguished experts when queried is that this was the way they have always known money to be, since childhood. For them, money has always been commanded by a single Nation, and always controlled within the same National Borders.


Only the Governments or Rulers of that Nation has been allowed to control the Money Supply, and allowed to print money at will. Only the same people or their centralized Representatives have been authorized to intrude upon and disturb any business or money transaction within that country. In other words, the very independence of the citizens of that country has been threatened. But BTC and its sister Crypto-currencies have introduced a monetary system that is beyond the control of Nations or Borders. free bitcoin has eliminated the fear of inflation by preventing random printing of money by use of a simple cap. International Trade and Commerce transcends national boundaries, and interference by self-seeking governments is prevented by P2P transactions. The complete apolitical nature of these Crypto-currencies will ultimately to elimination of War as a solution.

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