There are many Chinese language schools in China that offer training courses and courses

Kunming: This is one of the best Chinese schools in China. Offers individual tuition at an affordable tuition fee. In addition, students of all ages are welcome and language proficiency at all levels is available. The advantages of this language school include a unique teaching method, flexible schedule, course duration, high-quality textbooks, a convenient application process and comfortable single rooms with private bathrooms.

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This Chinese school has taught language courses for many years. The school has international accreditation, as it complies with guidelines that provide first-class language instruction in an enabling environment. A school teaches a Mandarin course in Shanghai.

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This school is located in Beijing and aims to educate students who speak the language accurately, fluently and creatively. Students will have the best academic support, because each staff is committed to providing maximum comfort and assistance for all students. This school offers group and individual classes throughout the year. The class schedule is also flexible.

Chinese classes and internships at Beijing Hutong School. This Chinese language school located in Beijing is designed to guide the student in the initial stages. It offers a personalized service designed to meet the needs of the student, as well as a deep understanding of the complex society that the student will join. There are also Chinese schools in Shanghai.

Unipath Chinese Language Learning Programs: This school offers highly top chinese tuition Singapore at top-level universities in Beijing, China. The program provides participants with a complete immersion in Beijing. Using this method, students gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, while at the same time mastering their knowledge of the language

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