Non-pharmacological measures to cope with chronic pain

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While pharmacological medical treatment in conjunction with therapies and different pain therapy procedures are the key elements, patients can and should also implement a series of measures that will help make these treatments more effective and even help decrease the inconvenience when crisis or aggravation situations occur. That is why we present you non-pharmacological measuresto help relieve pain. Click here for Adult chronic care pain management Rockville MD.

Understand the purpose of pain

While pain is always seen as something bad, we must understand that its purpose as an alert or alarm about something that is not right. Pain is caused by signals that come from the brain in response to the information it receives, so pain is a way in which our brain tells us that we must be alert and that there is something we have to change. This is completely true in the case of acute pain, however in the case of chronic pain this mechanism is altered and signals are generated to warn of damage that no longer exists as occurs for example in arthritis and fibromyalgia. Patients with chronic pain should pay attention to the exacerbation of symptoms or to the change in the pattern of pain that may be related to new situations to be taken into account. Visit this site for Adult chronic care pain management Rockville MD.

Adult chronic care pain management Rockville MD

Change your attitude

A very useful strategy is to change the way we see pain, if we believe that pain is something bad and unpleasant every time, we will develop negative emotions that will only make things worse. A great technique is to see pain as a messenger, imagine it with an intense and bright color, and see it progressively smaller, less intense and less bright until visually we make it disappear, this technique is very useful in cases of crisis or that of intense pain. If every time the pain increases, practice this visualization and then we will be able to keep calm and make it more manageable.

Don’t let pain control your life

Having a painful disease will surely pressure you to make some changes in the way you carry out your different activities but in no way constitutes a factor to put aside your life. Be positive and set realistic goals, look for other ways to carry out your daily activities. Integrate therapeutic activities such as exercise and doctor’s visit as part of your routine.

Improve your lifestyle

Many times to achieve greater relief it is necessary to make changes such as improving food habit, reducing the consumption of foods capable of causing inflammatory processes, reducing weight, exercising to achieve a better muscle mass and therefore providing greater protection and stability to the joints, quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

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