Launching of a new brand called LEONYX with 71 export สาขา!

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The name LEONYX belongs to Felidae. The three stripes and star refer to their pride and honor of the eastern culture whereas, the tiger face logo is inspired by pop art which is celebrated in the East Asian culture. They mix art and fashion, using materials with high-quality, and as a result, they get premium street fashion goodies for the buyers.

71 export สาขา

Their newly launched collection LEONYX CAMO 2019 was the first of their dignified collection which was inspired by colors and patterns used by scout’s outfits. The brand focuses on everything, from the use finest material to peculiar details, and matching the color to different hi-end brands. They go for the best while they design. They say that know, the buyers need everything perfect so they can be a suitable option for the buyers

Because they believe that their [products are of the best quality and their trends are a Masterpiece.

 Launch and support of the brand

The company is a new launch which claims to be using the best of fabrics and colors to put together outfits to satisfy the buyers need. It mostly produces clothes like types of denim, jeans, shirts, etc. they have a newly launched website which sells their brand. LEONYX also has about 71 export สาขา worldwide, which ensures its growth in the near future.

The launch website displays a number of items for sale along with the logo of LEONYX. It is a well-curated website with various options available for customers help. It brings together all the related topics to the website including its blog and contact details of the brand. They also deliver in different parts of the world because of their outlet branches spread across the world.

Growth in the near future

Very soon, LEONYX is going to launch their collection which is called LEONYX CAMO 2019, that is completely brought together using the best quality high-end fabric and the colors inspired by the pop-art of the East Asian culture.

The website shows signs of development and comes together to be another great example in the fashion industry. The various branches world Wide also act as the supporting feature in advertisement and promotion of the newly launched brand.

LEONYX can be soon expected to be a fashion destination for people of different age groups across the world because of their variety and the new building trend as well as their claim of using the the best quality materials.

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