How to regain your sexual energy

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In sexuality too, there are phases with and others without. But you will see that it’s like cycling, it comes back quickly! Here are four exercises to wake up the “sex beast” that has been dormant in you for too long. Even in the most “empty” moments of our life, we often discover unexpected resources. Be receptive to your feelings and do not be too much in your mind: the sexual energy is revealed naturally enough if we are in agreement with yourself and/or with a good lover sexuality and personal growth newsletter vancouver bc. Games for two are to practice with someone we love. If you do not have a desire for the other, respect yourself, because love is a dangerous game.

Sexuality: learning to manage your desire

The desire, the emotion that burns our fingers so quickly that the heart expresses for each a lack and the quest for a fullness that we want to share. How can he really feed the relationship, sexuality and personal growth newsletter vancouver bc without taking all the space?

How does desire arise?

Step one: get to know each other better. Sexual desire reminds us that our body is made for Love, but where does it come from?

sexuality and personal growth newsletter vancouver bc

The senses are among its first stimulants:

The touch of the genitals or zones called “erogenous”, these parts of the body sensitive to sexual stimulation (most often it is about the penis, the lips, the language, the end of the breasts, the lobe of the ears. the sight of a naked body or attitude, suggestive clothing, an erotic scene photographed or filmed; the smell of certain perfumes or that of the person loved; the sound some sensual voices, music, seductive words, the breathing of the other. But sexual arousal can also arise from situations where emotions are intense (fear, embarrassment, anguish, admiration). Imagination and dreams can also be triggers. All these stimuli reach the brain that recognizes (or not) an erotic situation. The brain is our first sexual organ. Note that this depends on our culture, our memories, and our personal sensitivity. One person can be sexually stimulated by a situation that will leave another marble, which shows that the desire concerns our whole being and that we are not machines.

Man-woman what differences?

Males and females have similar patterns of sexual reactions but still, have important differences. Man is particularly sensitive to the sight of the female body and the touch of its erogenous zones. Most often the excitement quickly causes him an erection. It is a reflex action and involuntary that can also occur in a dream or be caused mechanically by a non-sexual situation (pressure of the bladder in the morning, anesthesia). If he cannot prevent the erection, he can instead decide to stop the excitement by exercising his will: not to prolong a daydream erotic morning for example.

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