Hide Your Identity – Proxy Server: What is It and How Does it Work?

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The proxy server acts as a doorway between your IP and the internet. It is a middleman server that separates the user (you) from the websites you visit. Moreover, a proxy server can provide different kind of functionality, privacy, and security depending on the case.

For example, you’re using a proxy server, the internet traffic will flow through the proxy server on its way to the website you’ve requested. In addition, the website you requested will come back through the same proxy server and send back the data received from the webpage to you.

A proxy server can do so much more than just forwarding a web request, it also has the ability to secure the data and network performance even more. Not only that, but Proxy Server also acts as your web firewall and web filter, it can also provide shared network connections, and cache data that can make your browsing experience even faster. A reliable proxy server has the ability to protect the user and the service network from culprits that use the internet for bad stuff. And of course – privacy, proxy server promotes a high level of privacy.

Proxy Server: How Does it Work?

Every gadget such as tablets, iPads, personal computers, and laptops that use the internet has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address act as your laptop’s street address, so the internet will be knowledgeable enough on how they can send the correct data to the correct laptop by the use of IP address.

Technically speaking, a proxy server acts as another computer on the internet with its own IP address. For example, when you visit a webpage, the web request will go first on the proxy server. And after that, the proxy server will make a new request on your end, and it’ll get a result from the web server and sends the web page data for you to see the page in your browser.

free proxySo when the proxy server sends your web request, it has the ability to change the data you send and can still get the information you wanted to see. Moreover, it can also change your IP address, so the web servers don’t know who you are and where you are. It also has the ability to encrypt your data, so you can make sure that all of your confidential information is safe.

Using a proxy server can give you the rights to block certain web pages, this feature is recommended in a corporation or company especially if you want your employee to focus on their job. In addition, it is also recommended in the household if you want a certain webpage to be blocked especially if you have kids and you don’t want them to explore some off-limit webpages in the World Wide Web.

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