Cheap Elo Boost: League of Legends Masters Guide

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Do you want to win this prestigious title of teacher or, perhaps, applicants? Maybe you want to improve your cracking skills to do this full-time job and live like me? You have come to the right place to start.

Of course, practice is one of the important factors, but there is a big difference between good practice and bad practice. You need to focus on improving your game, stick to a small group of champions, between 1-3 major choices – good leadership. If you have been playing for several seasons with a small result, then you know that something is wrong. Take a look at other excellent tools to make sure that your runes and masters along with the construction paths do not go beyond the ordinary.

Be aggressive not passive

It’s good to be too aggressive, not passive, because this way you really learn from your mistakes, and over time you will learn when it’s good to become aggressive or just sit down and work on the farm. If you are too passive, it will be much more difficult for you to learn, because you will most likely always fall behind or miss the opportunity to receive this first blood!

Be positive, be negative, never help anyone, do not make meaningless comments when something bad happens, it will only aggravate a bad situation, try to say something positive or just do not write anything. Some of those whom I trained in the past, saw great improvements, just by writing / ignoring everything at the beginning of each game, you will be surprised!


Learn how to carefully adjust your compilations depending on the composition of your team and the compilation of the enemy team, there is no good or bad compilation, solid practice will lead you to make those good decisions in the routes of elements that are of great importance in every cheap elo boost game!

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