An Easy Guide to Buying Curtains

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Curtains are a common procedure for windows that are not only used for aesthetic appeal. These multi-purpose window accessories are useful for blocking or shading a harsh sun, providing privacy and protection from cold weather. Curtains are often purchased to match or contrast with the interior of the room. This is a purchase issue, which should be well thought out. Here are some things to consider buying curtains online or retail to guarantee the best option.

Factors to consider before buying



Buying curtains online or in stores should not be an arbitrary purchase. It is very important to measure it properly to ensure a firm and elegant fit.

  • Measurement of width: before buying, it is necessary to evaluate if the curtains will be hung from the bar or rail. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to measure the total width of the rod by adding an additional 2.5 cm to cover when closed.
  • Measurement of length: according to personal preferences, it is necessary to decide if the curtains will fall on the window sill, below the threshold or on the floor. Curtains, the threshold length are generally lowered to 1.25 cm above the threshold. Curtains that fall below the threshold should fall about 15 cm below the threshold, and curtains intended to fall to the floor should fall approximately 1.5 cm above the floor or the floor track.


They can be purchased in different fabrics, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right fabric for the blinds can highlight the decoration.


The clean ones are usually made of lace and mesh, which allows the light to pass easily, providing minimal protection against cold or light and minimal privacy. Although transparent window curtains are often used in combination with heavier ones to add a touch of beauty to the room.

Light curtains

Light curtains can be found in silk, veils and linen, which give owners a good level of privacy, control light and provide average protection against noise and cold.

 Medium weight curtains

The medium weight curtains made of cotton and canvas provide adequate protection against cold and good protection against light and noise.

Heavy curtains (thick)

Opaque curtains are available in fabrics such as suede, denim, velvet and more. It helps maintain maximum light and noise and provides optimal protection against cold drafts.

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