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You will agree that a beautiful smile comes first through very white teeth. If you have teeth that have yellowed over time because of coffee or tobacco, do not worry! Several teeth whitening techniques will allow you to find a beautiful smile all white in no time.

Does teeth whitening make teeth white

The whitening kits almost all contain a color chart, a kind of scale of teeth tint.

After a whitening treatment, the teeth are usually whiter with 3 to 4 shades. If the teeth to be treated are in white or yellow hues, the treatment will have a better result than if the teeth were brown or gray. These 2 shades are more difficult to whiten. Also, if the teeth are yellow because of drugs such as antibiotics or disease, it is more difficult to make them completely white but it is possible to win 1 or 2, which is already beneficial. Number of laser teeth whitening Singapore available

laser teeth whitening

Do teeth stay white long after bleaching?

No whitening technique can guarantee that the teeth will remain white long and especially not forever. Frequently your teeth can wait white for up to 2 years. After this era, the teeth will revitalize again but will still be whiter than before the action.

It will then be essential to redo a action if you wish it. New whitening will create your teeth white as after the initial treatment! It is, therefore, an operation that lasts in time but must be renewed regularly.

Which are the whitening techniques and which ones are the best?

For a treatment of all the teeth, there is only one technique that consists of applying a whitening product on the outside of the teeth. The product will penetrate the teeth and will whiten from the inside (see more info here ). There are 4 methods to penetrate the whitening product:

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