Aga Khan university opens a new centre in the name of Mariyam Dawood

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One of Karachi’s famous medical institute and health care centre and a hospital is the Aga Khan university launched in 1983 and operating since then has recently launched 3 new CIME (centre for innovation in medical education) one of which has been named after Mariyam Dawood as the Mariyam Bashir Dawood Building. This was done to respect her philanthropic contribution towards the university and also respecting her previous contribution towards disaster relief programs. She is considered as one of the notable humanitarians of her country and such an action definitely was an added positively to her reputation. The university also has advanced neurological facilities, surgery rooms and a refractive laser suite thus aiming to reach new heights in terms of medical amenities available in the city.

Dawood education

What makes this CIME special?

These CIME’S aims towards establishing first class communications in terms of state of the art amenities allowing medical experts from all around the world participate in improving the present medical facilities available. These could be a good opportunity for medical students to gain experience in different high-risk situations. The 3 CIME consists of a telemedicine clinic, a phantom-head dental lab and a cardiac catheterisation laboratory. These 3 CIME are named as the Ibn Sina Building, the Shiraz Boghani Building and the Mariyam Bashir Dawood Building. All aiming to create a specialist learning environment for medical students and professionals.

Thus, these kinds of measures help in improvement of the medical as well as the educational reforms of the state.

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