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Do you have an idea for a product that can change the way we think about something or change the method of working altogether? If yes, do you have the resources to build it and bring it to the market? Well, if not then fear not we are here to help you. The prototype house is an organization which enables you to convert your ideas into reality with the help of customized tools and methods and computer applications. So what are you waiting for, get a free invention quote from them and fulfill your dreams.

At the Prototype House, the process duly followed contains four stages viz designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. These stages are further complemented with various helpful resources that can augment the product development of the inventor. The prototype house is the one-stop workshop to convert all your ideas into reality.

The prototype house has expertise in all the aspects required for realizing your idea and making a functional product out of it. The important elements are:

  1. Industrial Design: What do you fell when you use the Apple iPhone X for the first time?Despite its numerous features, the structure of this device is one of its best features. In this, the experts create different designs for the product and select the best design out of them. We will assist you in understanding all the nuances of the design and the style of the product along with its features.
  2. Mechanical engineering: What good can a product do if it is sensitive and vulnerable to break easily? Our helpful resources and expertise can turn your design into a robust working machine having strength in its structure and can work under extreme conditions too.
  3. Patenting: There is nothing worse than someone stealing your idea and presenting it as their own in the market. The time of free invention has gone and today even some simple tweaking by anyone allows them to register the product as their own. In this scenario why should let yourself be taken aback by such incidents and indulge in unnecessary litigations when we are here. We can help you file all the necessary patenting rights with the concerned authorities.
  4. Packaging and Brand recognition: What good can a product do if it does not reach the targeted market so that people could recognize your brand? Well, here too the prototype house can devise the strategies for marketing after we have designed everything for your product from logo to the packaging style and printing format.
  5. Manufacturing: We have a vast client base, which excels in manufacturing and have knowledge about other certifications required for it. It is our duty to bring them to you so that your products can be launched in the market on a large scale. Our manufacturers use best in class machines and effective methods to avoid any errors in the process.
  6. Prototype: Before going to the manufacturing process, it is suitable to test the product once. The prototype house along with other helpful resources also develops your product’s prototype first to check for any kinds of discrepancies in design and the working method.

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