The story of No Face movie by Studio Ghibli

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Animated movies have become quite popular amongst kids and adults in the recent decade. There are several popular studios such as Disney and Pixar that have produced amazing animated movies that are award winning too. But apart from the huge studios, there are small regional studios that have popularity in their own region. One such studio in Japan is the Studio Ghibli.

This studio has produced several popular movies such as Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited away etc. The movies are based on the beliefs and stories of the region of Japan and have gained a lot of popularity. The spirited movie is also known as No face and the animated movie is based on the storyline about a 10-year old girl named Chihiro. This is a cute story about a kids journey and mission to save her parents from a witch who has transformed them from humans to other characters. While saving her parents she enters the world of spirits and there she meets a good spirit no-face who is not having any knowledge about the human world. Let us check out the story of the movie in detail.

The story of the movie:

The story is about Chihiro Ogino, and her parents who take a wrong turn while traveling and they enter a magical world. They start exploring this world, and where her parents turn into pigs and the river on their way back gets flooded so that they get trapped in the spirit world and cannot return back. Later Chihiro starts working at Yubaba witch’s bathhouse to save her parents. While she works there she meets no face a spirit of a polluted river.  After a lot of exciting events, the little girl is able to save her parents with the help of no face and get back her real identity.

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