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Web developers are not wizards that do not run out of ideas to create engaging, interactive and well-designed websites, applications and software, it takes a lot of brainstorming, coordination between the developers and their clients and most of all fresh ideas.

When it comes to fresh ideas, there are an infinite number of it, but it is just difficult for others to think of the right and appropriate concept or idea when it comes to designing their client’s projects and this usually a problem that a lot of web developers encounter on a regular basis, despite the fact that every developer in the world have a strong desire to improve and come up with nothing but the best output they could ever make.

Nowadays, the rate of change of the available technology that we are enjoying means that we should also move along with it where there should be something that we can have to tweak on and take advantage of it by developing fresh and very innovative ideas. Today, we will discuss the ways to improve our web developing skills and what are the ways to come up with fresh ideas in web designing courtesy of our friends from  bespoke web development agency singapore.

  • LAYOUTING BROKEN GRIDS- Web developers always rely on grids which usually brought harmonious results and a lot of logic into their layouts, however, it has also become some kind of a constraint to them in doing creative and engaging layouts. Broken grid layouts do not exclude the concept of the grid altogether but instead, it allows the images and other important elements such as images and texts by drifting them across the gutters that are usually the hard stops in a soberer layout of a webpage.bespoke web development agency singapore
  • MAKE ILLUSTRATIONS A CENTREPIECE- Web developing has been very in demand over the past years because of the digital marketing where image selection and things that come with pictures, illustrations, videos and other stuff have become an important aspect to them. Illustrations such as pictures and images emphasize the in-product experience as well as its features and of course its functionality giving the customer a visual aspect of the thing that they are about to patronize. Bottom line is, illustrations provide a more artistic manner to the website because of its vivid visual references.
  • ADAPTING BRUTALISM- The art of brutalism has reached the mainstream web designing industry, and this has become a demand for many clients according to many reports over the past few years because of its rawness and plainness that creates a more engaging and fresh design for websites. Brutalism web designing mainly focuses on the content and also prioritizing the experience of the website visitor, but you should first familiarize its concept and other important aspects in properly using this style in designing web pages to prevent any confusion and cluttering of the webpage.
  • RECREATE THE CONCEPT OF ANIMATIONS IN DESIGNING THE SITE- Animation has been long used in creating websites, mainly because it is fun, engaging and creates a more entertaining atmosphere in a website but it is overly used and sometimes you can see the same animation features that you come across in a lot of websites that it defeats the purpose of it. You should come up with a fresh idea in putting an animation of the website by using it on the site’s navigation, for hovering the site, for progression on the loading screen, attention seeking, and transitioning without having any hard cuts.

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