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What are the types of loft Conversions Orpington?

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Do you love your home but has a drawback of unused attic space? You do not have worry about it. It can be changed to a usable space with perfect design. How is it possible? The Loft Conversions Orpington makes it possible with their expert work. Loft conversion is the process of converting those eaves into a usable space. Before hiring the professionals to work on your loft, you need to understand the types of loft conversion. This will help in the process of easy renovation. There are six major types of loft conversion. They are

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  • Rooflight loft conversion – This type requires least amount of structural work which will result in cost effective work by accessing the existing space. The higher change that is made to the loft will be the addition of windows.
  • Dormer loft conversion – This is the most popular kind of loft conversion. It is the easiest space to add light with increased roof space. It will provide the full headroom accessibility. The only change done with this conversion is the alterations at the sides and rear of the house that adds large and flat shaped dormer.
  • Hip to gable loft conversion – This kind of loft conversion is done in either side of terrace end or the partially detached homes. The hipped side roof is removed to install the vertical gable.
  • Gable to gable loft conversion – The conversion includes the new box extension that increases the space in between the gable ends. To make a block ends; you need to increase the height of the gable end walls.
  • Mansard loft conversion – It creates the extra volume. This process includes the roof slope replacement with flat roof top.
  • Modular extension loft conversion – When the existing loft space is not suitable for the conversion, this conversion is implemented.

According to loft conversion company orpington these are the various types. All these differ based on your home attic space and your choice of design.