Qualities For A Good Infant Care Maid Singapore

Hiring infant care maids has become a difficult job now. As time goes by, the requirements for the profile also grow. But how do decide on the right one and what qualities should they ultimately possess? They are going to be a major part of your child’s life. Here are some skills required for an infant care maid singapore.

Reliable And Patient

infant care maid singapore

No one wants a short-tempered maid near your child who barely understands the world. So ensure that the maid is trained for infant care and infant care alone. Even if you have another housekeeper to look after the daily chores, it is better to hire a separate infant care maid whose entire focus will be on the child. Make sure your child feels safe with them and can rely on them.

Basic Qualification

Your infant is going to spend the majority of their time in a day with them. So check for their qualifications in not just infant care, but also basic education qualifications. No one wants an amateur to handle their child, not knowing how to handle them and neither knowing how to talk to them. they have the basic knowledge of providing the right nutrients and knowledge for your infant in its growing stage as well.

Basic Medical Aid Needs

If the infant were to fall and get a bruise, then the maid should not be clueless. A part of the infant care maid Singapore pre-employment training period should be first aid kit handling. It is almost inevitable to protect the infant at all times. They may end up getting a small bruise or they have tummy pain. In such cases, the maid should be able to handle the situation skillfully.

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