Get premium scannable fake ids from the IDGOD website

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Getting a good fake id is not an easy task. Because you have to create the quality fake id. Only a few websites on the internet provide you with the best services. Not all sites on the internet offer you quality ids. Some website on the internet claims to provide the best ids at cheap prices. But they may not give you the premium quality ids. If you want to get the premium scannable fake ids, then you should consider choosing the IDGOD website.

IDGOD is considered to be the number one fake id seller. Because they providing services for more than a decade. So, it has a good reputation among its customers. They sell ids at an affordable price, but at high quality. The quality that you receive from IDGOD is unmatchable with any other sites. You can get a free duplicate ID for every purchase.

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All the fake ids from the IDGOD can be scanned and they pass all the tests like the backlight test. If you are looking to stay anonymous when buying ids online, then this would be the best option for you. They allow you to complete the payment methods using Bitcoin and gift cards. Here are a few steps that you need to follow when choosing to buy from the IDGOD website.

  • The first step is you should select the States to create your ID. Click the select options and that will take you to fill the form that needs to be printed on the ID card.
  • Give all the data that you want on the card. Next, you need to upload the photos and signature to be placed in the ID.
  • After checking the details, you can add to the cart and complete the payment process. You can expect the id delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • You will have a tracking id to know when your id gets delivered to you.

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