Discover the heritage and history of your city.

Probably have passed this landmark, temple, or statue a plethora of times while driving or riding the bus. Do anyone, however, know its name or its backstory? Spend some time getting to know the past and mysteries of your city! This might involve visiting museums,¬†singapore tour city¬†exhibitions, and tours or consuming a book about the city’s founders. One will have a greater grasp of your own city’s legacy and be able to take this with each other when users travel and communicate it with those individuals they encounter by researching the history of their city.

Make New Friends

The premise is straightforward: while touring their city, you must begin a dialogue with a total stranger someplace. Okay, so it can seem a little strange to just start a conversation with anyone, but I promise you’ll be shocked by how fascinating certain talks may be and how these can change your life! Because people are more comfortable there, coffee shops are one of the ideal settings for that game. Thus, they came into contact with a Chinese student studying for a semester just at the University of Lyon who shared her opinions of the city with me, as well as American visitors from Seattle who were in town and wanted to know where they might obtain. Naturally, this does not negate the need for international travel; rather, exploring one’s city will alter their perspective on it completely and make everything appear brand-new thereafter. It never would have thought that traveling and discovering further of their home city would be such a wonderful experience, but it widened my perspective on its beauty and made me want to share its beauty and culture with others.

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