Why are companies shifting to cloud storage

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In the early days, people used to store their data on paper. Storing data in paper has a high risk of losing them. As a solution to it, cloud storage has emerged, in which Global IP Networks managed services is one of the best companies to provide cloud storage. Cloud storage has become a necessity, mainly for backup files. Using cloud storage has many benefits like the data can be retrieved from anywhere, storage can be expanded, cost-efficient needs no maintenance, modify data when needed. The cloud storage provider will have the data copied into servers. Even if one server is down or affected by a disaster, we can retrieve our data from the other one. This method protects our data from loss.

The data from an organization or a person must be protected. But there will be a big doubt for every on that the data stored in the cloud are protected or not. Most cloud providers will offer basic security measures even then you have to ensure ES encryption for data storage and TLS encryption for transmitting data

Global IP Network management

When it comes to online a customer support means a lot especially live support is much needed. It is because when people use the service they may have doubts, which have to be cleared by the provider. So, the provider must give live online chat or live telephone support.

Cloud storage has changed the world by providing easily accessible data. Now many companies are moving towards the cloud. Here, Global IP Network management provides a cost-efficient storage facility, automatic updates and security, business flexibility, disaster recovery option, secures document control, and mobility and flexibility. Likewise, there are many benefits to cloud storage. So, if you have an idea of shifting all your data to the cloud then have a try with this company.

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