Top Factors To Know About Comparing Wix And Weebly

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This is mainly developed by some of the developers to spread the knowledge about website development. The main aim is to create a well-functioning and great- looking website without the need for any coding knowledge. They provide some of the services like website builders, hosting providers, server providers, and information about different e-commerce platforms. Here they too provide information about various website builders. Such a comparison between Wix and Weebly, the two website building companies, has been provided in this article.

The points for consideration between Wix and Weebly

Website development is a prominent way to make people aware of the services and products one company is offering. The company needs to make all products relevant and even necessary for the people to buy or use it. The company should make an effort to show this product information with some high-quality images to attract more visitors to their website. Wix and Weebly are such websites as development companies. Some of the factors for comparison are provided in


  1. Editor: Drag and drop feature is much easier in Weebly as compared to Wix. Both of them do not require any coding knowledge.
  2. Features: Weebly has got fewer features as compared to Wix.
  3. Pricing: In Wix, the premium plans are available at $13/month as compared to $6 in Weebly per month.
  4. Theme: There are more than 600 themes available in Wix as compared to 60 themes in Weebly.
  5. Apps: In the case of Wix, there are 300 different apps in 22 different categories, out of which 100 are free. In the case of Weebly, out of 350 different apps that are available in 5 categories, out of which 50 are free.
  6. Payment gateway: Wix has got more payment gateway than the Weebly.
  7. Mobile responsiveness: In the case of both Wix and Weebly, they have got mobile responsive themes.
  8. Customer support: Both of them provide excellent customer support.


Both the website builders are excellent and have awesome features. If someone prefers simplicity over flexibility, then Wix can be taken into consideration. If a person wants to create a website to be as easy as possible, then Weebly can be the best choice for them. In case Weebly’sblog editor is more user-friendly and easy to use, while in the case of Wix, thishas got more options to customize the look of the blog.

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